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   Peruvian recipes: A tasty revolution in your    kitchen

Peru is an abundant food market. You can find eighty types of vegetables and sixty kinds of fruit any time of year. The hundreds of microclimates in the country ensure that no variety will ever be lacking Peru has made it it's mission to promote the sophistication, innovation and most importantly, taste of foods from its incomparable country. Several international chefs say Peru can lay claim to one of the world's dozen or so great cuisines.
Innovative chefs in Lima are dishing up a fusion of Andean and European Cuisines with seasoning from around the world. Today, Lima is an active and boisterous place where fourteen cooking schools have opened in the last few years, including one joint venture with Le Cordon Blue and Ecole Lenotre.

Fusion: Special Recipes: Take one part Inca and one part Spanish. Mix well. Add influences of African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian. What do you get? Peruvian recipes-- the cuisine that legendary French chef and culinary writer Auguste Escoffier called one of the best in the world -- after only French and Chinese.
Considering its status, it's also a cuisine that has been relatively overlooked, until now. "By far the compelling reason for a Lima long weekend is the food. No South American country cooks like Peru , and Lima is its gastronomic heart..........." (Condenast Travel Magazine, April 2003)
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