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   Sauces add flavor - Part II

The Mother Sauces are the starting points for preparing different secondary sauces.

II. Warm and cold preparations
The following three preparationes are considered as Mother Sauces. These have in common a fat content that acts as emulsifier.

a. Hollandaise sauce: Made from eggs, butter and lemon.
▪ Bearnaise sauce: Sauce derived from Hollandaise sauce with the addition of

b. Mayonnaise: Made from eggs, lemon or vinegar and eggs.

Sauces derived from mayonnaise:

▪ Thousand Island Dressing:  A blend of mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, lemon juice and 
Worcestershire Sauce.
▪Tartar sauce: Made with mayonnaise, dill pickles, capers, mustard, shallots, scallions,
Tabasco and lemon juice.
▪ Green sauce: A blend of mayonnaise, spinach or watercress puree, parsley and

c. Basic vinaigrette dressing: Made from olive oil and vinegar.

Vinaigrette is a cold sauce. It has to be shaken well before using since the oil and vinegar begin to separate as soon as you stop mixing or stirring. The correct ratio of the perfect vinaigrette is: 30% vinegar and 70% olive oil; salt and pepper.
Vinaigrette sauce should be prepared and kept in the refrigerator at least 8 hours before serving to obtain the most of it in flavor and taste.
The existing types of vinegar will make a difference in taste to vinaigrette: Cider vinegar, herb vinegars, Balsamic vinegar, among others.

Different dressings derived from basic vinaigrette:

These are made by adding to a basic vinaigrette different ingredients:
Sesame seeds vinaigrette
Mustard vinaigrette
Honey Balsamic vinaigrette
Dill vinaigrette

We leave it to your own imagination!

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