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   Sauces add flavor

The Mother Sauces, are the starting points for preparing different secondary sauces.

I. Hot preparations

a. Béchamel sauce
b. Velouté sauce (Named after the French word for velvet, for it its velvety texture.)
c. Spanish sauce

The three above mentioned are considered to be Mother Sauces. They have in common a roux based on the same ingredients: a mix of flour and butter

Béchamel sauce

Also known as White Sauce Made with a roux (butter and flour) and cooked in milk, to which salt and nutmeg is added. According to the recipe (a dish au gratin or in casseroles), the texture will vary by adding more or less milk to the basic roux.

Sauces derived from Béchamel (among others): They are prepared by adding different ingredients to the mother sauce.
▪ Aurora Sauce: Made by adding tomato purée to a basic Béchamel sauce.
▪ Soubise Sauce: Made by sautéing onions and then adding them to a basic Béchamel sauce.
▪ Mornay Sauce: Made by adding grated Gruyère cheese to a standard Béchamel sauce.
▪ White Sauce a la crëme: Made by substituting milk for whole cream in preparing a basic Béchamel sauce.
▪ White Sauce with egg yolk: Made by adding1 egg yolk with a pinch of turmeric to a standard Béchamel sauce.

Velouté Sauce
Made with a roux (butter and flour) and cooked in a clear beef or chicken stock.

Sauces derived from Velouté Sauce (among others):
Parisienne Sauce, also known as Allemande sauce: Made by adding a few drops of lemon juice, eggs yolks and cream to a classic velouté sauce. Usually served with beef, chicken, pork, turkey, pasta, and eggs.

 ▪ White Wine Sauce: Roux is cooked in fish fumet to prepare a velouté sauce, with the addition of oil, a few drops of lemon juice, cream, egg yolks and butter.  Usually served with fish.

Spanish Sauce
Made with a roux (butter and flour), and cooked in a dark/brown stock.
Sauces derived from Spanish Sauce (among others):

▪ Porto Sauce: Made by a basic Spanish Sauce to which Porto wine is added at the end of the cooking time.  Usually served with beef, lamb, duck and chicken.
▪ Périgueux Sauce (Named after the French city ): Made by a basic Spanish Sauce to which mushrooms, garlic and  truffle (also called: earthnut, a fungus regarded as a delicacy) is added.

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