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   All about quince

The quince is a tree related to the apple tree and the pear tree, which grows in mild and cold climates. It bears a fruit, called quince, similar in appearance to a pear, and is bright golden-yellow when mature.

Quince is an acid-tasting and a hard fruit to eat raw, so it is edible when cooked especially in preserves and jellies and poached for compotes. It can be added, in small quantities, to apple pies and jam to enhance its flavor.

In some places quinces are put inside drawers to perfume clothes, due to its strong fragrance.
In Peru, the membrillo, as quince is known in Spanish, is cooked into a firm reddish, jelly-like block or paste known as machacado de membrillo or dulce de membrillo . It is then eaten in sandwiches, accompanied with cheese, nuts or cookies . 

Health benefits
-  Astringent, for intestinal mucosa.
-  Controls diarrhea
-  Prevents intestinal ulcers and hiatal hernia
-  Controls high blood pressure, cholesterol, and high level of uric acid.
-  Prevents cardiovascular and degenerative problems.
-  Anti-inflammatory.

 The benefits of quince are very useful for children and athletes.

Autumn and winter.

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