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Maca is a root that grows in the high mountains of Peru. Rich in nutritional content (potassium, and higher levels of calcium than in milk), maca is a natural hormonal balancer which provides great health benefits for both men and women. Due to its high nutritional value, maca isnoy only popular as a sexual libido enhancer and menopause symptoms savior, but also greatly affects energy, stamina, depression, memory, and more.

Maca: Energy/Stamina : Athletes around the world are starting to notice maca root. Maca is in fact, a great source of energy. Research proves that as a result of hormonal balancing, maca also supports and helps restore the adrenal glands, which produce adrenaline . So, if you are looking for a healthy and nutritional product to boost your energy and improve endurance, maca is definitely for you!.

Maca is a natural and healthy alternative to dramatically ease your symptoms during peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Low or High levels of estrogen are a common problem to many women, which bring frustrating consequences to their health. Maca root will dramatically fix these problems. Maca acts as a hormonal regulator that will bring your body to its proper balance.
As a result, maca will alleviate menopausal symptoms. What's more, maca will increase your energy, reduce your stress, get rid of hot flashes, and even help you overcome depression. All maca benefits are achieved in a very healthy way, and are only a result of natural hormonal balancing. 

Benefits (uses) Of Maca root for Men

1. Maca increases Aphrodisiac activity.

2. Enhances libido.

3. Increases energy, stamina and endurance.

4. Improvement of male potency.

5. Helps overcome depression.

6. Found to produce a "general sense of well-being".

7. DHEA level increases significantly in a majority of the males treated with it.

8. Helps in stress treatment.

9. Increases sperm count (oligospermia), count of mobile spermatozoids and mobility, formation of spermatozoids (spermatogenesis)

10. Athletic Performance.

11. Hormone Balancing.

12. Increased Testosterone Levels.

13. Helps fight acne resulted from hormonal unbalances

Benefits (uses) Of Maca root for Women

1. Maca increases Aphrodisiac Activity.

2. Enhances Libido.

3. Increases Energy.

4. Maca increases Sexual Stimulation

5. Helps to overcomes depression.

6. Found to produce a "general sense of well-being".

7. Helps in Stress Treatment.

8. Helps fight menopause symptoms.

9. Maca reduces Hot Flashes.

10. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HTR).

11. Hormone balancing.

12. Athletic Performance.

13. PMS Associated Problems.

14. Maca helps alleviate Menstrual Pain

15. Corrects Menstrual Irregularity

16. Helps with acne resulted from hormonal unbalances.

17. Helps hormonal related skin problems

18. Maca Decreases Stress

19. Maca Decreases Anxiety

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