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   Flowers at home

Flowers at home: We think there's nobody who doesn't like flowers.  Flowers play an important role in our daily lives when we are looking for tranquility and stress relief. Studies reveal that when living around fresh-cut flowers, people are happier, feel less depressed and more compassionate toward others.

At home: Flowers chase away anxieties, worries, negative feelings and the blues at home. People who are around flowers for just a few days, increase feelings of compassion and kindness for others. At work: Flowers provide energy, happiness and enthusiasm.

YELLOW FLOWERS: Yellow is the color of joy. Yellow stimulates creative and intellectual energy. It brings clarity to decision-making and improves concentration.

ORANGE FLOWERS: Orange is a color associated with the fall season. It stimulates creativity and feelings of joy. People who like orange are said to be thoughtful and sincere.

RED FLOWERS: Red is believed to increase enthusiasm and interest, enhance human metabolism, raise blood pressure and increase respiration rates. Quite obviously red is hard to miss - it grabs our attention and stimulates us into making quick decisions.

PURPLE FLOWERS: Purple is definitely the color of power and luxury, but it is also associated with good judgment and spiritual fulfillment. Purple stimulates peace of mind and is used in meditation.

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