OCOPA CON CAMARONES / Shrimp in Ocopa Sauce   
  Ingredients :
    7 oz Ľ lb (200 g) ají mirasol / sundried yellow aji (chili)
    1 garlic clove
    ˝ medium-size onion, coarsely cut
    12 nuts
    10 graham crackers
    Oil (necessary quantity)
    2.2 lb (1 k) shrimp
    ľ cup olive oil
    ˝ key lime
    1 ˝ cup boiled water


Cut, seed and devein aji, using gloves. Wash thoroughly with water, rubbing insides one against the other.

Place aji, onion and garlic on baking sheet and take to oven 350° F (175° C) until golden.

Shell and devein shrimps. Set tails aside.

Fry shrimp heads, claws and shells in ˝ cup olive oil. Liquefy this in blender with 1 ˝ cup boiled water. Strain. Reserve liquid.

Remove aji from baking sheet and place in bowl. Cover with water just boiled for 4 or 5 hours. This process will take hotness from aji. Discard water.

Blend or process aji, onion, garlic, nuts, and graham crackers with the reserved liquid from shrim. While blending, start pouring oil until mixture resembles a creamy sauce. Season with salt and pepper.

Fry shrimp tails in ˝ cup olive oil. Add few drops of key lime, salt and pepper and continue frying until shrimp turn pink in color.

Serve ocopa sauce over slices of boiled potatoes, with hardboiled eggs, lettuce and olives.

Garnish with shrimp tails.
        8 servings